Lincoln Family Session at Grist Mill

Let’s talk about the weather. The biggest concern with my clients and their outdoor family sessions (besides everyone’s outfits!) is the weather. Will it rain? Will it be cold? Will we get a beautiful sunset?

I wish I knew! There’s truly no magic time of year that’s better for weather. For temperature, yes, but not for rain versus sun. It’s a roll of the dice every time. I totally understand the anxiety about the weather and I myself begin stalking at least a week out from every session. Which is so silly because here in New England the chance of rain changes approximately 50,000 times in the course of 7 days. And that’s only a *small* exaggeration. Here’s the best kept secret though….sun is AWESOME, but cloudy days are awesome too. So if both sunny and cloudy days are awesome, that’s at least 2/3 of the options that our sky can do…the bad option being precipitation.

Is golden hour awesome? Is there something amazing about a gorgeous sunset? Yes, and yes. But you can create gorgeous family photographs on an overcast day full of clouds too. The clouds act as a giant soft box to diffuse the sun’s light and as long as you know where the sun is coming from, you can still get gorgeous light on everyone’s faces. So don’t get discouraged if the weather is not what you originally hoped for!

Here is one of my favorite overcast sessions from this past year. I met this family three years ago at a mini-session event in Lincoln and was thrilled to have them back in front of my lens this year and see how big the kiddos have gotten! Big sister was basically the best photographer’s assistant ever and since little brother adored the heck out of her, he listened to everything she told him to do!

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