Wellesley In-Home Newborn Lifestyle Photography

Clients who give me the honor of photographing them year after year, milestone after milestone, hold a special place in my heart. Not only do I get to watch their kids and family grow and change, but there is a level of comfort that develops that allows the kids (and adults!) to warm up more quickly. This is my fourth time photographing this family and my first time meeting their brand new baby boy for their in-home newborn photographs. The girls were SO thrilled to show off their "baby brudder" and I think you'll find this whole session filled with love. 

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boston newborn photographer
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Lincoln Mommy + Me Session Codman Estate

One of the greatest parts about making friends in the photography industry is that they are always up for light-chasing shenanigans to get the "perfect" shot. 

We picked the perfect evening that was sure to yield a beautiful sunset and planned our visit to a mountain (read: hilltop) where we could photograph the sunset over the Boston skyline. We pulled our littlest guys out of their normal routines and stuffed them sleeping into carseats and made our way to the park. Of course, we were foiled by an overzealous parks department who shut down the road early. It all worked out in the end though, as we wound through the backroads of Lincoln and pulled over at the Alpaca fields next to the Codman Estate juuuuuust as the sun was dipping below the skyline. Our kids were sleepy/snuggly/confused but we still got some gorgeous mommy and me images! Can't wait for our next adventure....maybe in September, when sunset is before bedtime ;). 

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Wellesley College Club Family Photography Session

When I first started my business three years ago, I reached out to local parent and kid associations to make some partnerships and the support from the Wellesley Mother's Forum was always overwhelmingly positive. This has resulted in over half of my family clients coming from Wellesley.

As a thank you, I have been donating a family session to the PAWS auction each year and love all the new families I get to meet. This year's auction winners were just the most adorable and friendly family I could've asked for. We met at the Wellesley College Club and moseyed our way down to the walking path around Lake Waban on a very cloudy Spring morning. But the kids brought the sunshine in their smiles and we had a great time watching swans chase geese and smelling the flowers. Thank you H Family!

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Wellesley family photography
Wellesley college family photography
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boston family photographer

Personal Work- Los Angeles, California

We spent the last week in Los Angeles, California. The land of the rich and....not-so-heinous. 

(If you don't want to read me chatter on about baby wearing on the streets of Beverly Hills and see far too many pictures of my kids, you may want to skip this one!) (For photography friends, I challenged myself to only bring one lens with me this trip, so all photos were with my 24mm).

Seriously guys, the people who live in Beverly Hills (where we were based for a week) are NICE. Perhaps I'm used to the gruffness of New Englanders, perhaps it's because we stuck out like a lost family of neutral-colors-and-stripes in a sea of flash and neon. During one early morning coffee run, a man pulled over, rolled down his window, and informed me that my baby (being back carried in my Ergo) needed a hat because he was chilly! Had he been a sanctimonious mommy, I might have been annoyed, but he had a look of sincere concern on his face. It was 65 degrees, for the record, and Graham was in a sweater and long pants. COLD, I TELL YOU.

Traveling with kids is a special sort of experience. My advice? Don't do it. I'm kidding...or am I? Flying for six hours on a plane is not something I would do again with my 3.5 year old for the foreseeable future. Does that mean EVERY parent should not do it? Certainly not. There was a 2.5 year old girl sitting in front of us during the flight out who was AN ANGEL. While chaos with a side of whining and crying was happening behind her. Picture a threenager at his worst, and then picture yourself trapped in a steel tube for 6+ hours with said threenager. Yikes. Then you finally emerge, battered and bruised, hair tangled, sticky with who knows what smeared all over your body....and it's only 10:00AM because California is three hours earlier. Try as we did, they could not/would not adjust to the time change. Which meant 3:45/4am wake ups every day in the pitch dark. Let's take a moment to bow our heads and thank the universe that Starbucks opens at 4:30am, shall we? 

Another perk of early wake ups? We were on the beach at the Santa Monica Pier by 7:00AM on Sunday, and pretty much had the whole thing to ourselves. When people started to show up, we were getting some stares. Was it the fact that our 3 year old was in the "cold" water up to his chest (the water is WARM compared to home)? Was it our pasty white Massachusetts skin? Was it  our lack of sequins? We will never know. 

Note to self:

Three teenage girls in black mini-dresses taking pictures with smoke bombs at 7:00AM: NOT WEIRD.

Three year old swimming in ocean at 7:00AM: WEIRD.

santa monica pier

Three hours after we arrived, the pier finally opened and we were, naturally, the first in line for the boys' first ride on a ferris wheel. We may have been wet, covered in sand, and smelling like stale Starbucks...but when you tell a three year old you're going to ride a ferris wheel, you make damn sure that you ride the ferris wheel before you leave if you don't want to hear about it for the rest of your life. 

4:30am wake ups might also mean that my mother-in-law's neighbors will hate her forever due to the ruckus outside their window all week. But when you're traveling with kids...you gotta let them be kids. How gorgeous are these purple jacaranda trees? Everything was in bloom and boy does L.A. have some beautiful flowers and trees. 

As we took our first sips of strong Starbucks coffee each morning and felt the life return to our tired bodies, we took the long way back through the neighborhoods of Beverly Hills and admired the multi-million dollar homes with their gorgeous manicured lawns and fancy paver driveways. This is a pocket of wealth like nothing I've ever seen before. Massachusetts' state vehicle might be the CR-V or the Subaru Outback...here it is the Mercedes wagon. 

I've never felt so out of place in my brown saltwater sandals and plain clothes as padding quietly through these neighborhoods at 6:00AM while Miles ate a muffin the size of his head and Graham nodded off in the ergo. Side note: apparently no one really baby wears here? Ergos are as common as water in Massachusetts, here, I had AT LEAST 20 separate people, in all different locations around the city, exclaim in delight/amusement/wonder at the baby "in that thing"! 

What I LOVED about L.A. is that everything is outdoor-centric. Museums, parks, dining...it's outside. I mean, they SHOULD be outdoors, their weather is amazing. People kept apologizing to us for a few clouds which is funny coming from New England. Our gorgeous is their "okay". 

In between the 4am wake ups, the beautiful people staring, the early morning trips to the pier, and the flights from hell, we got to soak up a lot of time with family and that made the whole trip worth it. Because when family can't come to you, you go to them!

Ayer Newborn Lifestyle Photography Session

Last Winter, I made the trip to Ayer, Massachusetts to a beautiful home to photograph a beautiful little blonde baby boy for his newborn lifestyle photography session. This year, I got to travel back to Ayer to visit that now 1 year old and photograph his gorgeous dark-haired baby brother who is the luckiest little boy in the world to be born into such a fun-loving family! 

It was a gorgeous sunny day and Baby W was a champ during his newborn session. There is something so special about watching older siblings love on their new babies. It's like they are equal parts excited, incredulous, and jealous all wrapped into one. This big brother was SOOOO thrilled he couldn't stop beaming and touching baby brother. So sweet <3. 

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Winchester Wright-Locke Farm Wedding Photography

Last week, I visited the gorgeous Wright-Locke Farm in Winchester, just outside Boston, for a styled wedding shoot that was part of the Ashley Largesse business workshop. A beautiful farm wedding is right up my alley and the vendors did NOT disappoint. 

framingham wedding photographer

From the amazing dress provided by Everthine Bridal, to the florals by Nectar, the stationary by Christa Alexandra, the amazing calligraphy on our menus by Linds Loves Bird, and the tablescape from Vermont Tent Co. + Honey Silks...I couldn't decide what to photograph first! That's not even counting our gorgeous model Kyleigh and her hair and makeup, by Elizabeth England and Jillian's Hair.  

Boston wedding photographer

We spent the day styling tables and invitation suites, directing our model (who was the best sport) and traipsing around Wright-Locke Farm surrounded by chickens, goats, and the occasional barn cat. Pretty much my dream farm wedding all wrapped into an 8 hour day. 

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Wayland Double Birthday Cake Smash

Imagine that you give birth to your first baby girl on a certain date. Fast forward two years and imagine you go into labor with your second daughter on the same exact date. What are the odds?!

When the odds are in your favor, you know that date is destined to be special forever. Hello to double the cake, double the party, double the special! Not only did I get to photograph both girls smashing beautiful cakes, I got to photograph them making the cakes too! Happy 1st and 3rd birthday girls, I can't wait to see what this year has in store for you both. 

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Wayland family photography
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Somerville Newborn Lifestyle Photography Session

Sometimes the stars align and you get an awesome couple, the most adorable redheaded baby, and the cutest house and nursery ever. We bonded over our mutual love of alpacas , traveling, and vintage furniture while Baby H stole the show with his gorgeous locks and serious eye contact for a newborn. You may remember their snowy maternity session at the gorgeous Wright Locke Farm. Scroll to catch a glimpse into our time together at their in-home newborn lifestyle session!

somerville newborn photography
Somerville newborn photographer
somerville in-home newborn session
Boston newborn photography

Hopkinton First Birthday Cake Smash Photography

Are you ready for WAY too many cake smash pictures? Sorrynotsorry! I am so privileged to call this family my close friends as well as my photography clients. Not only are they doing such a good job raising their two boys, but they know how to have fun. Case in point-- cake smashes are a family affair! You know it's a good time when the whole family is there to cheer the cake smasher on, and big brother even gets in on the cake smashing action! Welcome to toddlerhood Mr. O, this was a pretty great way to ring in your second year <3.

hopkinton family photography
hopkinton first birthday photographer

Newton-Wellesley Hospital Fresh 48 Session

I had the incredible opportunity a couple weekends ago to pop in to a hospital suite and visit a wee 48 hour old baby boy and his new family. I hadn't been to the labor and delivery wing of Newton Wellesley Hospital since my oldest son was born a little over three years ago and so many memories came flooding back as I walked through the halls. Memories of exhaustion, of joy, of becoming a mother for the first time, of fear, of the incredibleness of meeting your baby earth-side. This baby boy was lucky enough to join an amazing family. He will be so loved and cherished by his big brother and sister, of that I have no doubt. Here is a snippet into day two of his life...

Newton Wellesley Hospital Photography
Boston Fresh 48 Hospital Photography
Boston In-Hospital Newborn Photography
boston in hospital session
Newton-Wellesley Hospital Fresh 48
Boston Birth Photography

Framingham Lifestyle Newborn Photography Session

There's something about newborn sessions in April that just feels right. I don't know if its the signs of Spring blooming, the local sheep all having baby lambs...newborns and April just go together like peanut butter and jelly. Baby G gave his parents a run for their money and hung out in that comfy womb for two extra weeks. I mean, it's warm and cozy and it was still snowing in Boston....wouldn't you stay put too? He was so adorable during our session, wide awake until the very end. Lifting his head and looking all around with those big dark eyes. Welcome to the world, Baby G!

framingham newborn photographer
framingham newborn photography
framingham family photography
boston newborn photography

Framingham Twin First Birthday Cake Smash Session

Is there anything cuter than twin baby girls in pink tutus? Maybe twin baby girls in pink tutus covered in frosting? I had SO much fun at this twin cake smash/family photography session in Framingham a couple weekends ago. Not only were the twins so fun, cute, and adventurous, but they really dove into their cakes! Couple that with (truly) the nicest big brother and sister I have ever met and I might just have to move in with the M Family ;). 

framingham family photographer
twin first birthday cake smash
twin cake smash photography
boston twin photography

Arlington First Birthday Cake Smash Photography Session

Look who is O-N-E! Last year Winter and early Spring found me up to my elbows in adorable squishy newborns. Imagine my surprise when I blinked and suddenly they are all turning 1! First up is Baby A who I cannot believe is one year old after capturing his parents' maternity session, his newborn lifestyle session, and his 3 and 6 month sessions. Please enjoy this in home Arlington cake smash! 

cake smash boston
arlington first birthday photography
boston first birthday photography
boston first birthday session

Authentic Children's Portraits

I am so lucky to have a client base that jumps at the opportunity to help me develop and grow my portfolio. I can't thank the seventeen kids enough for sitting with me for a couple minutes and chatting about their favorite sports, tv shows, movies, and food! The resulting portraits (I believe) show so much more of a child's genuine personality than your standard school portrait. Because I enjoyed this exercise so much, I am genuinely excited to get my portfolio out to schools in our area who might be interested in bringing a fine art approach to their yearly photographs. I also may incorporate one or two dates each year where I will host this for individuals who want a classic photo of their child. If this is something you're interested in knowing more about, please sign up for my newsletter HERE! Below, please enjoy the authentic portraits of my wonderful kiddos who modeled for me.

Lifestyle Nursing Photography Session Hopkinton

My good friend is reaching an incredible milestone of nursing her second baby boy for an entire year next month. She also works full-time and is a pumping master...she has sacrificed so much for her boys and I was so excited to document their nursing relationship before baby boy number two weans. While our two older boys played like madmen, we snuck away (well, really, they followed us haha) to capture these beautiful photographs in different areas of her home. One might wonder why a lot of them were taken in the kitchen...well the reality of nursing a one year old is that they are HIGHLY distracted by everything! Siblings playing, someone watching them (me!), the click of a camera....pretty much everything. But we kept trying, and he finally latched on for all of about 5 minutes in the middle of the kitchen-- just enough time to get a few photographs!

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Boston family photographer

Snowy Maternity Photography Session Wright-Locke Farm

On the day of New England's 2017 March Snowpocalypse, while we are all pining for warmer temperatures, let's look at something pretty and snowy, shall we? Although we were hiking through about a foot of snow on the Wright-Locke Farm grounds (THANK YOU Hunter boots!), we completely lucked out during this maternity session and had a gorgeous sunny day and 50+ degree temperatures. Do you hear that, Mother Nature? Send the warmth back please! This Somerville couple were such good sports to traipse through the snow with me to document their final month as a family of two!

Wright-Locke Farm photography
somerville maternity photography
Boston maternity photographer
Boston newborn photography
snowy maternity session

Natick Family Lifestyle Photography Session

During the Winter in New England, babies continue to be born, but not as many families schedule photography sessions. During this slower time (you know, while juggling a threenager + a newborn), I like to take classes and push myself creatively. As a final project for an advanced family lifestyle course, I put out a local model call for a family who was up for me to come to their home for an in-home documentary session. This amazing mother reached out to me and told me her story...how she is wrapping up her chemotherapy and radiation treatments and wanted to document her family as it is right now. I am SO lucky to have met the C family...they could not have been more welcoming, enthusiastic, and charming. Thank you! 

natick family in-home session
natick family photography
Natick family photographer
boston family photographer
Boston family photography session
Boston documentary photographer
boston lifestyle photographer

Framingham Maternity In-Home Session

I met this adorable family through a friend and was so thrilled to do their family photos last year as well as their son's first birthday cake smash session. This year, they are welcoming a second little boy and I cannot wait for his arrival as mama is currently 40 weeks! Last month, I popped over to their home to help document her beautiful bump and their last month as a family of three.

framingham family photography
framingham maternity photography
boston maternity photography
boston family session
Boston lifestyle maternity
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Wellesley Family Lifestyle Photography Session

This six month old sweetheart is too adorable for words. I was 38.5 weeks pregnant during this photo shoot but I still couldn't wait to see this family of 3 again after doing their maternity and newborn photos. This was my last session before having my second son, and my final one of 2016! What an amazing way to wrap up an incredible year. 

wellesley family photography
boston six month photography session
boston family photographer

Wellesley Family Lifestyle Photography Session

This adorable family got in touch with me through a good friend. Originally from NY, they were traveling to their hometown for the Thanksgiving holidays, and I was SO glad that our schedules were able to match up for this adorable family session to celebrate their daughter turning six months old. Not only was this sweetheart sitting up like a champ, she was already crawling! Being November in Massachusetts, we sought warmth on the Wellesley College campus inside this beautiful greenhouse. 

wellesley college family session
boston six month photography session
Boston family photography
wellesley lifestyle photography