Personal Work- 365 Questions For Kids

Let me preface this by saying that I am not affiliated with this product in any way, just a fan. 

question a day for kids

Some people think that I must be a crafty person because I am in a creative field, love to cook from scratch, and stay at home with my boys during the week. Well, I'll let you in on a little secret- I'M NOT CRAFTY. My artistic abilities pretty much end with photography. The extent of the pinterest crafting going on in this house is drawing or painting unrecognizable things on plain paper. I do not have my photographs organized in perfect albums and I certainly did not keep up with a baby book. 

A friend (thank you, Natalie!) linked this book from Amazon for $11 and I have fallen in love with it. It's a 3 year journal with one question a day to ask your kids. 

Do I remember to ask him every day on the exact day? No. But it's a fun question and answer session and so easy to "catch up" when you fall behind. His answers are hilarious and I know I am going to get a huge kick out of reading what he said each year. The lines are also big enough that I plan to include my baby by year three when he can answer some of the questions too! Let's be honest, I will enjoy hearing if he believed in aliens at age 3 more than remembering exactly when he sat up (even though those things are fun to remember too!). 

Miles calls it "his interview" when I ask him these questions and loves to sit in my desk chair and pretend to be a grown up and interview me back when we are done. 

Do you do anything like this with your kids? Were you organized enough to keep a baby book? Thank god for Facebook and Instagram so I can look back and see when my babies actually did hit their milestones- HA!