Lifestyle Nursing Photography Session Hopkinton

My good friend is reaching an incredible milestone of nursing her second baby boy for an entire year next month. She also works full-time and is a pumping master...she has sacrificed so much for her boys and I was so excited to document their nursing relationship before baby boy number two weans. While our two older boys played like madmen, we snuck away (well, really, they followed us haha) to capture these beautiful photographs in different areas of her home. One might wonder why a lot of them were taken in the kitchen...well the reality of nursing a one year old is that they are HIGHLY distracted by everything! Siblings playing, someone watching them (me!), the click of a camera....pretty much everything. But we kept trying, and he finally latched on for all of about 5 minutes in the middle of the kitchen-- just enough time to get a few photographs!

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