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As a Boston portrait photographer, the challenge of freezing the whirlwind one frame at a time is one of the things I love most.

I want to capture your children's joy as they run into your arms. Her dimples, his giggles, the way their eyes are barely open from smiling so big. Because when you close your eyes and imagine your littles, those are the faces you see.

I want to give you a forever-reminder of the way your grandmother clutched your hand when she kissed you on your wedding day. Or your husband’s unabashed joy when holding your newborn in your hospital recovery room. Or the focused look on your face as you work in your studio.

by getting to know you as your Boston portrait photographer...

I can deliver images that reflect what matters most.

Whether you want your photos taken in a meaningful outdoor location or a cozy corner of your home, we’ll use the environment to help tell your story. As a mom of three active boys, I know how to keep things laid-back and stress-free.

Expect to sit, snuggle, giggle, and play in ways that let your natural light shine bright. When we’re finished, you’ll be left with reminders of the genuine emotions that fill life’s everyday moments and major milestones.

My photographs have been featured on various blogs, Boston Voyager, and National Geographic’s website. More importantly, they have been featured on mantles and walls of homes where families live, laugh, and love.

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What can you expect when we work together?

My background in hospitality sales has prepared me to talk to just about anyone, stick to a clear process, and anticipate questions so that you never have to wonder how to prepare for your session or when your images will be ready.

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Prompted not posed makes all the difference. No two family cuddle-puddles are exactly alike. My goal is to capture your family’s unique beauty and personality and to amplify the beauty of those little day-to-day moments of connection.

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As a mom to three active boys, I don't stress easily, and I value fun. I'm committed to making the experience of your shoot low-pressure and enjoyable, even for the most camera-shy, off-the-wall, or otherwise grumpy participants.

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The images we will capture together will reflect the emotions of you, your people, and your life at this moment. When you see the mischievous twinkle in your son’s eyes, your daughter’s shy smile, or your husband’s face as he holds back tears on your wedding day—I guarantee the feelings will come rushing back.

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