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Which Camera Lens Is Best? | Family Photography Boston

  1. I loved this post! It’s so true that each lens serves a different purpose! My 50mm was my go-to for outdoor and my 24mm was my go-to for indoor, but I recently got a 35 1.4 and that’s my main one! I also have a 90 2.8 that is super sharp! So maybe I’ll just have to bring 3-4 for my next shoot haha!

  2. Deborah Lord says:

    Very helpful explanations of the different focal lengths

  3. chelly says:

    which is the best lens for 2 very busy boys who never sit still (canon)

  4. Marie says:

    Great summary! I’d love to know why you gave up on the 100 2.8 macro and 135mm 2.0.

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